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Fly tying for me began already at the age of nine when I first got acquainted with the techniques of using a fly vise and marabou feathers. Another event was when my mother suggested that I should call Bengt Öste, a reknowned skilled educator and fly tier, and ask him if he would teach me the craft. I followed my mothers suggestion, looked up the number and called. The phone was picked up by Bengts wife and when I explained the reason for me calling she told me thar her husband was at home and immediatly invited me over. The invitation made me very happy and before long I was on my way over and knocking at the door. Once again i met Bengts wife who told me that i could go upstairs to where he was sitting, in his workshop tying flies. I know today that I could not have had a better tutor and it is with great gratitude and joy that I look back at those days. Bengts attitude towards fly tying affects my view of the hobby and sport still to this day - I'm simply tying flies that are meant to be used for fishing, not just for show!

As the years have past I have met numerous anglers of various nationalities and ages and what I have enjoyed the most is the sharing of wisdom and experiences. This is the case no matter if I am on familiar grounds or far away from home. Even though the consist varies from time to time we still have a "steady crew" with whom I regularly go fishing. Sometimes the only thing we catch is a cold or two but on the other hand, it's not always the catch that's worth the trip! Simply the surroundings and the calmness on a location can make up for a lot. A personal favourite with such qualities is the Kaitum river in Lappland, northern Sweden, but there are many other places as well where I return time and again. As a whole, the Swedish northern Mountains hold the overall favourite spots for me and I'm guessing the ones who have ventured there understand my passion!

When I'm not engaged in fishing by som river I often attend different expos, both domestic and international, or teach fly tying and casting techniques. A great challenge aswell as a true pleasure would be for me to appear at different expos over Europe and North America in general, but off course, if someone suggests Far East Asia or South America I wouldn't say no. Meeting others sharing a common interest is always fun so who knows, maybe we´ll run in to one another at the next expo you attend?

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